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Meet the teachers:

Robert Ahdoot Los Angeles, CA


» Mr. Ahdoot’s authentic style of filming himself as he teaches his own classroom has led to more engagement and a deep sense of pride in his students.

» Using humor in his video lessons has increased student engagement and understanding.

View the full interview with Robert Ahdoot (3 videos)

Tim Aldridge London, England

Chemistry and General Science

» Mr. Aldridge’s lessons frequently appear on Knowmia’s Leaderboard of most viewed.

» Incorporating video lessons into his teaching has freed up more time for his students to do lab work, go deeper into important topics and achieve higher grades.

View the full interview with Tim Aldridge (3 videos)

Paul Andersen Bozeman, MT


» A recognized leader in using video lessons, Mr. Andersen has transformed his classroom from a passive environment to one that is student-centered, making teaching even more rewarding for him.

» His advice for other teachers: Don’t try to be perfect. Just get started and learn from it.

View the full interview with Paul Andersen (3 videos)

Darren Belles Foresthill, CA

French, Spanish and Technology

» Using video for a range of subjects, Mr. Belles has found that creating videos requires an upfront investment of time, but saves time over the long-run.

» He consistently gets feedback from families that video helps students learn and empowers parents to help their children grasp difficult concepts.

View the full interview with Darren Belles (3 videos)

Dr. Jennifer Bernstein Syracuse, NY

American Literature and Writing

» A passionate advocate for video lessons, Dr. Bernstein believes they can make content more engaging for students in and out of the classroom.

» Her students have benefited from viewing/reviewing videos on their own time, allowing for more one-on-one time with her in class.

View the full interview with Jennifer Bernstein (3 videos)

Tyler DeWitt Cambridge, MA


» Mr Dewitt is an MIT PhD student who has a unique technique for combining low tech visual tools with high tech audio features for high school students.

» His students’ improvement in grades on some difficult concepts nearly doubled as a result of using video lessons.

View the full interview with Tyler DeWitt (3 videos)

Will Duncan San Francisco, CA

Chemistry and Physics

» With teaching experience on four continents, Mr. Duncan explains that students relate to videos better when they aren’t perfectly edited.

» As an early adopter of flipped teaching, he sees a growing group of teachers experimenting with flipping their classrooms.

View the full interview with Will Duncan (3 videos)

Keith Hughes Buffalo, NY

US History and Social Studies

» Mr. Hughes is one of the best known creators of video lessons and argues that video enables teachers to impact students from all over. “If you’re a powerful educator,” he explains, “kids deserve that narrative outside your classroom.”

» Encourages teachers to take advantage of using other teachers’ lessons too.

View the full interview with Keith Hughes (3 videos)

Joshua Isaacs New York, NY


» Mr. Isaacs’ video lessons help make complex concepts clear and have been popular with the Knowmia community.

» He explains how this new teaching approach has helped his students’ test scores and also shares valuable tips he has learned along the way.

View the full interview with Joshua Isaacs (3 videos)

Elizabeth O'Brien Marine on St. Croix, MN


» Ms. O’Brien’s video lessons have benefited not only her students, but other teachers, who say her videos have “revolutionized” their classroom experience.

» Her advice to teachers: “Feel the fear of being in front of the camera and do it anyway. Your videos don’t have to be perfect.”

View the full interview with Elizabeth O'Brien (3 videos)

Daniel Ruckdeschel Singapore

Biology and Chemistry

» A German native living in Singapore, Mr. Ruckdeschel explains that using video gives him a feedback loop that has helped make him a better teacher.

» He is now able to spend more time with individual students as a result of using video.

View the full interview with Daniel Ruckdeschel (3 videos)

Tyler Tarver Bauxite, AR


» An active creator of video lessons, Mr. Tarver is inspired by the chance to reach students outside his classroom.

» Video lessons have improved student engagement and his use of class time.

View the full interview with Tyler Tarver (3 videos)