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Welcome to Knowmia's help section.

We are doing our best to give you a flawless educational experience. Below are frequently asked questions about our website and related tools. If you cannot find the answer here, please feel free to contact us.

Searching for lessons

  • What is the menu that appears under the search box when I type text?

    This menu shows you any tag that partially or completely matches what you typed. Tags are words or short sentences that help describe the content of a lesson. We make sure that each lesson on Knowmia has search tags associated with it so it is easier for anyone to find it, not only based on its title but also based on what might be in it (it's tags).

  • What are "search tags" or "tags"?

    Tags are words or short sentences that help describe the content of a lesson. We make sure that each lesson on Knowmia has search tags associated with it so it is easier for anyone to find it, not only based on its title but also based on what might be in it (it's tags). Once you start typing text into the search box you will see a menu of existing tags in various subjects. If you select any of them you will be searching for all of the videos that include that tag.

  • Can I search for any word – not just tags?

    Yes. Anything you type in the search box will be searched for. If you select to search for a tag then you may get more accurate results (lessons with what you are looking for).

  • Can I search for lessons inside a specific learning subject?

    Currently every search covers the entire lesson database but the results are grouped by subject. Perform your search and scroll down until you find the correct subject that you are looking for. Those are the results inside that learning subject.

  • Can I search for lessons by grade?

    No. Although we are gathering information about the grade appropriateness of lessons, we started our service without navigation by grade. It's next on our list and we would love to hear if it's important to you. Note that you can always search by tags and that can help replaces the need to search by grade (for example: search for "Fractions" instead of looking for 3rd grade Math, or search for "Differential Equation" vs. looking for 11th grade Calculus).

  • Can I search for lessons by teacher?

    Absolutely. If you find one lessons by a teacher that you like, you can see all of the lessons that they published by clicking on their name in the lesson details page.

  • I have more questions. Who do I ask?

    You can always reach out to our support team.


  • What is the Assignment Wizard?

    Knowmia offers teachers a wide range of solutions for creating, storing and sharing video lesson with their students. With the Assignment Wizard we go the extra mile and help teachers create interactive assignments with instructions, video lessons, ability to monitor students’ progress, in real-time, comprehension assessment and ability to provide feedback to students. This free tool is completely web-based (all you need is a web browser) and it lets you build assignments as a sequence of three simple building blocks: video lessons, slides and questions. This is a key tool for any form of blended learning and the integration of technology and video into one’s teaching.

  • Do I need to create an account to access the Assignment Wizard?

    Yes. Security is very important to us so we require both students and teachers to create a free account before they can use this tool. This is how we make sure that each user can see exactly what they need.

  • Who can use the Assignment Wizard?

    Anyone can use this tool but only a teacher can create new assignment. Students need to be invited by a teacher to open an assignment.

  • Does it cost money to use the Assignment Wizard?

    No. This tool is completely free.

  • Is there a notion of a Class in the Assignment Wizard? (I don’t understand this question) – Can this tool replace my current class management system?)

    No. The Assignment Wizard is designed to be as flexible as possible and work alongside many different schools systems for managing curriculum, students, classes, grades and overall school communication. Each assignment in Knowmia is a simple web address (URL). The teacher is responsible for distributing this link to his/her students and that defines the audience of the assignment. Teachers can also create custom assignments to address the needs of specific students. Teachers can use whatever school system they are used to in order to distribute the assignment link and the system adjusts accordingly.

  • What video lessons can be included in an assignment?

    Any lesson that can be found at Knowmia.com can be included in an assignment (use your lessons or lessons from other teachers).

  • Who can see the student’s work in an assignments?

    All students’ works and assessment can only be accessed and viewed by the teacher who created the assignment. Only students can view their own assignments. In the future Knowmia may decide to share assignments between teachers but the only thing that will be shared are the templates for the assignments themselves (the collection of lessons and questions that composed the assignment) – students' answers will never be shared!

  • How private is the data in the Assignment Wizard?

    It is critical for us to make sure that the Assignment Wizard stays completely private and secure. Both teachers and students can use any of our tools without fear of their personal information or data being shared with others (only teachers can see personal study information of their own students). For more details on how we treat personal information, you should check out our Privacy Policy.

  • Can I share an assignment with other teachers?

    Yes, but initially for viewing purposes only. Our goal is to make teaching easier and for teachers to share their work freely with other teachers. Initially we allow teachers to share their assignments with any other user (including teachers and parents) but only students can actually complete an assignment (vs. just viewing it). In the future we will allow teachers to save the template of an assignment that was shared with them and modify it for their own classes.

  • Can students see each other's assignments?

    Absolutely not. Students' individual data can only be accessed with a password by themselves and their teachers (each teacher having access only to their own assignments).

  • What type of questions can be added to an assignment?

    There are three types of questions in assignments (teachers can decide if and how many questions of each type are included): + Multiple choice questions – Allowing the teacher to quickly assess each student’s comprehension + Open ended questions – Allowing students to answer with more depth but requiring the teacher to review each answer before they can assess how each student performed + Textbook questions – Allowing the teacher to leverage questions in textbooks that they know their students already have (saving them time in preparing the assignment) In all cases the students enter their answers online and the teacher can monitor their progress in real-time.

  • Can I personalize different assignments for different students?

    Yes. When you create an assignment you decide exactly who you share it with. It can be a single student, a subset of your class or multiple classes at the same time.

  • Can I monitor my student's progress with a specific assignment?

    Yes. Once an assignment has been shared, it can be tracked by the teacher who created it (and only by them). Teachers can view when each student opened the assignment, how much time they spent viewing each lesson, how they answered each question and when they submitted it.

  • How do I add students to an assignment?

    Adding a student to an assignment simply means sharing a web link with them and having them click on it. Once they click on the link the system adds them to the assignment and it appears in their myKnowmia section (under Assignments Wizard).

  • Can I connect the Assignment Wizard to our school’s grading system?

    Not at the moment. We are still evaluating options for integrating with the various grading systems.. Please let us know if this is important to you and which system your school is using.

  • Can students complete assignments from any device?

    Yes. All it takes is an HTML 5 browser. They can use any browser on a computer or even their built-in browser on their tablet or smart phone.

  • Is it required to include video lessons in assignments?

    Although the tool was designed to include video lessons, there is nothing that prevents you from just including slides and/or questions.

  • How do I add more saved and favorite lessons?

    Rolling the mouse over any thumbnails in a search results page reveals a green “Save for later” icon. Click on it and that lesson will be saved for later use. Playing a lesson video or entering the “Lesson Info” page for any lesson will reveal a blue heart-shaped button. Clicking on this button will mark the lesson as a “Favorite.”.

  • Can I share assignments with other teachers or parents?

    Yes. You can share the assignment link with anyone but only users with a student account will be able to complete the assignment. Everyone else will be able to view it only (preview mode).


  • Do I need to be a certified teacher to publish lessons?

    No. Anyone can be a Knowmia teacher but you must disclose exactly what are your credentials. Sometimes your professional credentials can be just as important to students.

  • Who owns the lesson once I publish it?

    You will always remain the owner of your own lessons. Knowmia is only facilitating its discovery and distribution to all students.

  • My lesson is already listed on Knowmia. How do I edit its information?

    The Knowmia team is making an effort to locate the best lessons that are available out there. If your lessons were already selected then please take it as a great compliment from our team. We will be happy to give you full control over your lesson(s).

  • I found a lesson on knowmia that I have an issue with. Who do I report it to?

    We try to keep our lesson database as clean and high quality as we can. If you believe that you found a lesson of objectionable content or quality we would like to know. Please tell us about it.

  • Why do some lessons don't have grade appropriateness assigned to them?

    This is probably because we added that lesson on another website and added it to our database. When we do that we usually do not set appropriate grade. We believe that that's a decision that should be made by the content author. We encourage the authors of all lessons to set what they believe is the correct grade for their lessons.

  • Can I publish lesson in other languages (other than English)?

    Absolutely. There is a lot of value for students everywhere to learn in other languages. We have students from around the globe and they would certainly appreciate the selection.

Knowmia Teach

Learn how to use Knowmia Teach: View video tutorials

  • How much does Knowmia Teach cost?

    Knowmia Teach is free for anyone to use.

  • What do I need in order to use Knowmia Teach?

    All you need is an Apple iPad. Currently Knowmia Teach is only available for Apple iPad 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation. In the future we may support additional tablet platforms. Please let us know what other platforms you would like us to support.

  • Can teachers share an iPad while using Knowmia Teach?

    Yes. The application allows you to login as any Knowmia user, logout and login again as a different user. Once you login with your account you will be able to publish lessons to your account and no one else will have access to your online account (no one else can publish lessons on your behalf). That said, all of your locally saved lessons (on the iPad) will be accessible to all other teachers using the application.

  • Can I use Knowmia Teach to publish lessons to other websites?

    No. Knowmia Teach was developed specifically for Knowmia and does not support any other format or website.

  • How do I share a lesson with my students?

    Once you publish your lesson it is available (with a few minutes delay) on knowmia.com and anyone can search for it. To share it with your students you can simply send them the URL to that lesson. In the future we will offer additional sharing tools for teachers and students.

  • What kind of media can be imported into Knowmia Teach?

    Knowmia Teach allows you to import images (photos, drawings, etc.) from a variety of sources and integrate them into your lesson. Images can be brought in from your iPad’s media library, your built-in iPad camera or clipboard. You can copy any image from any website or standard iPad application (like Keynote) and paste it into Knowmia Teach (see Props).

    You can also import PDF documents into Knowmia Teach by selecting it from an Email attachment (as well as online storage application like DropBox or Google Drive) and choosing to "Open In..." Knowmia Teach (a list of possible applications will show-up). Once Knowmia Teach opens up you will be able to select if you want to import the PDF pages as Steps in the lesson or Props.

  • Can videos be integrated into a Knowmia Teach lesson?

    No. Currently Knowmia Teach does not allow you to import videos and integrate into the lesson. We are looking into adding this as a feature in future versions.

  • Can I edit a lesson after I publish it?

    Absolutely. As long as you have the lesson saved on your iPad you can always edit it and publish it again (or remove it if you like).

  • Can I edit an image after it is imported?

    Yes. Double tapping on a Prop (before it is used in the lesson) opens the image in an editor that allows you to crop the image, use an eraser or set a color as transparent (making the background disappear for example).

  • Can I edit something I drew using the Pen tool?

    You can adjust the location, scale and rotation of anything that you draw in Knowmia Teach but you cannot edit the actual drawing. A few things that you can do:

    • Use the Undo and Redo buttons if you just drew something that you wish to take out.
    • Draw over an existing drawing (covering something that was underneath it)
    • Delete an object (hold down your finger on a drawing until a menu pops-up)
  • How do I edit a piece of text that I already entered?

    Tap on the text that you wish to edit using the selection tool and choose "Edit" from the menu that pops-up.

  • Can I change the color of a graphic element that I created on the whiteboard?

    Yes. Use the selection tool to tap on the drawing or shape that you wish to modify and then select a different fill or line color form the color menu. This will only affect drawings that were made using the pen and shapes tools.

  • How do I move only a portion of a drawing?

    When you use the drawing tools (pen and marker) you need to think about how you might use them later in the lesson. Knowmia Teach allows you to transform (move, scale and rotate) anything that you draw and even animate it but it but you can only do it one drawing at a time. Knowmia Teach groups drawings together and you need to tell the application if you wish to start a new one (so it can be transformed separately). To start a new drawing hold your finger on the pen tool and select the “New Drawing” menu item.

  • Can you add to an existing drawing?

    Yes. You can always go back and add to an existing drawing. Just tap on a drawing using the selection tool (anything on the whiteboard that was created using the pen or market tools) and select "Add to Drawing" from the menu that pops-up.

  • Can I move a graphic element to be in-front of or behind another?

    Yes. Any graphic element on the whiteboard can be moved "forward" or "backward" to control the visual order. Just select the graphic element using the selection tool and choose "Move to Front" or "Move to Back" from the menu that pops-up.

  • Do I need to have Internet Connection to use Knowmia Teach?

    You can use Knowmia Teach to create a lesson without having any Internet connectivity but you do need to be connected in order to complete the “Lesson Info” page and publish your lesson.